Comboyne, Long Flat and Telegraph Point Sewerage Schemes


Project Value



Port Macquarie Hastings NSW


Wastewater Treatment Plants


The project involves the design and construction of three separate sewage systems for each of the towns within the Port Macquarie Hastings LGA. Each town required new sewerage reticulation infrastructure including low pressure sewerage systems, gravity sewer systems and sewage pumping stations coupled with package treatment plants and effluent reticulation.

Project Requirements:

  • Three package treatment plants including inlet screen, splitter box, ICEAS tank, balancing tanks, filter system,
    UV system, chlorine contact tank, treated effluent tank and pump, sludge tank, water tank & pumpset, odour unit, interconnecting pipework, all required
    electrical and associated works and Commissioning, Training and Proof of Performance Testing
  •  Two PE Lined Effluent Lagoons including access road, spillway, drainage and associated works
  •  Four Sewage Pump Stations – 2.4m diameter x 7m deep reinforced concrete pump station including valve pit, dosing unit including pit, flow-meter pit, control
    platform, telemetry slab and footpath, stormwater
    drainage, water main, fencing, landscaping and associated works.
  •  9.8km HDPE Pressure Sewer / Sewer Rising Mains
  •  6.5km Gravity Sewer Mains
  • Approximately 160 New Sewer Manholes
  • 100 Low Pressure Sewer Unit Installations including On-Property Design, Construction and Connections
  • 9.2km Effluent Rising Main from Telegraph Pt STP to the Wilson River Discharge Point
  • 1.9km Effluent Rising Main Discharging to the Thone River including river discharge grout mattress, concrete
    encasement and headwall structure.
  •  1.6km Effluent Rising Main Discharging to the Hastings River including river discharge grout mattress, concrete encasement and headwall structure.
  •  Level 1 Electrical Upgrades including
  •  Disconnection and removal of an existing pole and associated equipment.
  •  Installation of new 14-meter 12kN pole and associated equipment including new cross arms.
  •  Installation of 100kva pole mount substation on new pole.
  • Installation of 84 meters of three phase high voltage conductor
  •  Disconnection and removal of existing 25kVa pole mount substation and supply, installation and commissioning of a new 100kVa pole mount substation on Comboyne Road.
  •  Disconnection and removal of existing three phase power & supply and installation of larger capacity supply including terminations as required.
  •  Supply and construction of water main including
    hydrostatic testing, disinfection/chlorination and connections to existing infrastructure.