Milton – Ulladulla Sewer Trunk Main

Milton 2
Milton – Ulladulla Sewer Trunk Main
Client Shoalhaven City Council
Contract (26 weeks)
  • Upgrade a portion of existing Gravity Main in Ulladulla
  • Construct a Sewer Rising Main from Milton (SPS) to Ulladulla (WWTP)
Value $ 4.25 M
Scope The Milton – Ulladulla Sewer Trunk Main project involves the upgrade of two sewer systems: An upgrade of an existing gravity main at Geoffrey St, Ulladulla and the construction of a new 5km long Sewer Rising Main between Milton and Ulladulla.The scope of work includes:

  • Construction of approximately 2000m of DN355 and 3300m of DN630 HDPE pipes including; air valves, section valves, scour valves, thrust blocks, road crossings (thrust bored), under boring (HDD) and connection to the existing Ulladulla WWTP inlet works.
  • Construction of 250m of DN450 SewerMax gravity main in Geoffrey Street Ulladulla including manholes and connections to existing infrastructure to replace the existing DN375 AC main.
  • Installation of flowmeter, pressure transducers and associated reinforced concrete pits for flow measurement and leak detection.
  • All necessary clearing works within the construction corridor to allow for successful installation of the new pipeline.
  • Excavation, bedding, laying, backfill and compact and reinstatement  of open trench sections of the pipeline. 
Project Status On-going

Milton 3

Butt-Welding of DN 355 HDPE pipes


Milton 4


Trencher excavating a trench for a section of DN355 HDPE pipe

Milton 5

On-site demonstration and training for the installation of electrofusion couplers

Milton 6



Carefully planned and controlled falling of trees in urban areas using state-of-the-art equipment to minimise risk and effects on local residents.

Milton 7

Excavator complete with diamond tip rock saw attachment for excavation in unweathered high density rock.

Milton 8


DN450 SewerMax pipeline trench and preparation for construction of new Sewer Manhole