Stockdale Road Sewer Augmentation

Stockdale Road Sewer Augmentation
Client: Gippsland Water Description of role: Installation of 2kms of 525 GRP Pipeline, which includes;1km of this via trenchless method under Stockdale Road, Traralgon and the construction of concrete piers for a pipeline bridge crossing. Also includes construction of 15 concrete manholes, and the connection of new pipeline into the existing Traralgon WWTP.
Contract: 20 weeks
Value: $2-3 million

This is the second contract Ledonne Constructions has been awarded for Gippsland Water, based on the client-customer relationship built during the Loch Sport Sewerage Scheme – Stage 2 project. The works consist of;

  1. Construction of 530mm OD GRP gravity sewer by trenchless technique between L/20 to MH14;
  2. Construction of 15 1200mm diameter maintenance holes (MH1 to MH15);
  3. Construction of 530mm OD GRP pressure sewer by trenching between HM14 and west side of services bridge at Traralgon River;
  4. Construction of 610mm OD MSCL sewer pipe on services bridge crossing;
  5. Construction of 530mm OD and 450mm OD sewer line between east side of bridge and barometric loop at the Traralgon Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The project is now completed. Ledonne Constructions would like to thank all parties involved on this project. Please see the gallery below for photos of the finished works as well as during the construction phase.