Rosedale Guerilla Bay Pressure Sewerage System

Rosedale 1
Rosedale & Guerilla Bay Pressure Sewerage System
Client Eurobodalla Shire Council
Contract (76 weeks)
  • Installation of sewerage infrastructure for Guerilla Bay township
  • Installation of sewerage infrastructure for Rosedale township
  • Construction of a Pressure Sewer Rising Main to Tomakin STP
Value $ 6.02 M
Scope The Rosedale / Guerilla Bay Pressure Sewer System project involves the installation of pressure sewer mains and pressure sewer units on each property of the two coastal townships.

The scope of work includes:


  • The sewerage infrastructure for Guerilla Bay and Rosedale included the installation of Pressure Sewer mains starting from the ends of the townships and included several sub-branch mains.


  • The Guerilla Bay pressure mains progressively increased in size and delivered the collection via a rising main into the Tomakin STP.  The Rosedale pressure mains delivered the collection into the Rosedale SPS, which is then pumped to the Tomakin sewerage reticulation system.


  • The majority of the pressure sewer mains were installed by horizontal directional drilling with open excavated connections at each property.  All properties with dwellings along the route of the mains has been serviced with an NOV Mono brand Sewer Pump Unit to deliver a reticulated sewer system to the community. A total of 322 single 900L sewer Pump Units systems & 4 dual 2200L sewer Pump Units systems were commissioned, complete with Pump Control Panels servicing 326 developed properties.


Project Status Completed

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