North Ocean Shores Fire Main

Fire Main

North Ocean Shores Firemain

Client: Byron Shire Council


Contract: 40 weeks

Value: $2.5 million

Project Description: Construction of approximately 4km of new DN250 PN16 PVC-m pressure mains together with the construction of new 2km cycleway. The project required the installation of a new DN250 watermain to supplement the existing supply between Ocean Shores and South Golden Beach. Two rail crossings and Brunswick Valley Way were thrust bored together with direction drilling of watercourses and driveways and open trenching including a creek crossing. The pipeline was constructed in difficult ground conditions generally involving ground water and through highly sensitive areas within Marshalls Creek Nature Reserve. The design as proposed required significant re-working with Ledonne Constructions taking a lead role in the re-design to ensure the continuance of construction whilst providing a more functional and long term solution for the supply. A 2km asphalt cycleway was also constructed to connect the town ships of Billinudgel and South Golden Beach.


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